E-commerce Immersion (ECOM) is a series of events organized by Biassa, taking place across Europe. ECOM brings together global players from the e-commerce ecosystem, creating unique knowledge exchange and networking opportunities. Celebrating a new phase of the event, Biassa wanted to refresh ECOM’s visual identity while maintaining its connection with its leading brand.
To do that, we’ve kept Biassa’s color scheme as a predominant element in all materials, adding minimal and modern features to the composition. We updated badges, roll-ups, invitations, and presentations. Our goal was to provide a feel of exclusivity to the participant’s experience.
We also focused on ECOM’s new landing page. Today all information about the event and exclusive content from past events are gathered in one place. The rebrand gave ECOM a stylish and elegant look that could translate the dynamic from the e-commerce industry. A consistent brand in all touchpoints resulted in an easily recognizable event, a win for Biassa.
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